World Curling TV Live Coverage

Sander and Alison hard at work! photo: WCF/Patrick Fulgencio

Curling fans around the world can follow live coverage of the event via the World Curling Federation’s YouTube Channel which is embedded here on the homepage of the event website.

The live coverage from Tallinn is produced by the World Curling Federation in collaboration with Sweden's LiveChannel.

Put your questions to our commentators Sander Rølvåg and Alison Kreviazuk by using the hashtag #wjcc2015 on Twitter or posting them up on the @worldcurling Twitter feed or event facebook page

About Sander and Alison:

Sander Rølvåg, from Norway, has been curling since 2006. He has competed twice at the World Junior Curling Championships, winning bronze in 2011 and being awarded the Junior sportsmanship award in 2012. Studying TV production when he is not on the ice, Sander has been a commentator for the World Curling TV productions since 2010. He also co-commentated the TV2 Norway live coverage from the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games curling competition. Sander just won gold for Norway at the Winter Universiade 2015 in Granada, Spain.

Alison Kreviazuk, from Canada, has been curling since 1996. She has competed once at a World Junior Curling Championships (2010). She has represented Canada twice at Women’s World Championship level. She played second on Rachel Homan’s team, winning bronze in Riga in 2013 and taking silver in Saint John, New Brunswick in 2014 - where she also received the Frances Brodie Sportsmanship Award. Alison has since moved to Sweden to be with her partner, Fredrik Lindberg (former second of Niklas Edin’s team). Read more about Alison here:

Games live on
-7hrs local/EET +6hrs
Day Date Toronto Tallinn Beijing Session Feature Game
Saturday 01-Mar 0700 1400 2000 M1 CANADA v NORWAY
1130 1830 1930 w1 Scotland v Estonia
Sunday 02-Mar 0200 0900 1500 M2 SWITZERLAND v SCOTLAND
0700 1400 2000 w2 Canada v USA
1200 1900 0100 M3 USA v CANADA
Monday 03-Mar 0700 1400 2000 M4 KOREA v RUSSIA
1200 1900 0100 w4 Sweden v Canada
Tuesday 04-Mar 0700 1400 2000 w5 Scotland v Russia
1200 1900 0100 M6 CANADA v SWEDEN
Wednesday 05-Mar 0700 1400 2000 M7 SWEDEN v NORWAY
1200 1900 0100 w7 Russia v Sweden
Thursday 06-Mar 0700 1400 2000 w8 Switzerland v Canada
1200 1900 0100 M9 Sweden v Switzerland
Friday 07-Mar 0200 0900 1500 w9 USA v Switzerland
1200 1900 0100 M PO 1v2 Canada v Switzerland
Saturday 08-Mar 0700 1400 2000 w PO 3v4 Sweden v Switzerland
1200 1900 0100 M Semifinal Men
Sunday 09-Mar 0330 EDT 0930 1530 M Junior Men Gold
0800 EDT 1400 2000 w Junior Women Gold

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