Semi-Final Roundup

Scotland women and Switzerland men progress to the gold medal games Photo © WCF / Richard Gray 2015

The Scottish women recovered from their Page Play-off loss to Canada with a confident 6-1 victory in their semi-final against Sweden, a result which puts them into Sunday afternoon's final to face Canada again, while Sweden now face Switzerland for bronze medals at the Tondiraba Ice Hall in Tallinn, Estonia.

In the men's semi-final, Switzerland also recovered from their last-stone Page Play-off defeat by Canada to beat Sweden by 9-4 to face Canada again in the gold medal final as they continue the defence of their world title. Sweden and Scotland will play for men's bronze medals.

Scotland's skip Gina Aitken was tested from the start of her semi-final against Sweden. She had to draw inside five Swedish stones to open the scoring with one point in the first end. The Scots then got the first break of the game in the next end when Swedish skip Isabella Wranaa jammed a Scottish stone on its way out of the house to give Scotland a steal of one and a 2-0 lead.

The Swedes then blanked the third end and followed that up with a draw by Wranaa in the fourth end to open their account with one point.

Good work early in the end by the Scottish team gave their skip Aitken a chance to score two in the fifth end, but her second effort was long and, after an umpire's measure, the Scots had to be content with a score of just one point and a 3-1 half-time lead.

In the sixth end Wranaa was very short with her final draw to give Scotland another single point steal that moved them onto a 4-1 lead. Sweden blanked the seventh and, in the eighth end, the Scots built the house again, forcing Sweden's Wranaa to draw against two Scottish stones. This time she was heavy and through, giving Scotland a steal of two more points and a 6-1 win.

After the game, Scotland's Aitken said: “We’re feeling really good. It was nice to come back from the 1-2 page and we played a really solid game there. We kept our cool, made sure we played all our shots the best we could and kept the pressure on."

Once she had recovered from her loss, Sweden's Wranaa said: “It feels horrible. We played great this morning and have had a good week. After a bad start of the game we really struggled to get back. Tomorrow we will try to find our game again and bring home a medal, which is our goal."

The Swedish women will now come back on to the ice to play Switzerland for bronze medals at the same time as the Scots face Canada for gold, on Sunday afternoon at 1400 Eastern European Time (EET).

Switzerland had last stone at the start of the men's semi-final against Sweden.

They used it to blank the first end then, in the second end, their fourth player Romano Meier drew his last stone into the house to score three points and take the early advantage.

Sweden got on the scoreboard when their skip Fredrik Nyman hit for one point in the third end. Switzerland blanked the fourth end and then took a 5-1 lead into the break when Meier played a perfect nose-hit to score two points in the fifth end.

Sweden made a recovery when Nyman drew his last stone of the sixth end to score two points and reduce the Swiss lead to 5-3, but Switzerland bounced straight back with a double take-out in the seventh end to score two more points for 7-3.

Sweden could only draw for one point in the eighth end then yet another good double take-out by Meier gave Switzerland two more points in the ninth end for a 9-4 lead. Sweden ran out of stones in the tenth end to confirm Switzerland's 9-4 win.

Celebrating his team's return to the gold medal final where they will strive to retain their world title, Switzerland's third player and skip Yannick Schwaller said: “It’s a great feeling, after the big miss yesterday (in the Page Play-off game) the feeling is so awesome. To be in the final is again and defend our championship is great."

After his defeat, Sweden's skip Fredrik Nyman said: “It's rough since it is our last year together. We did everything we could, but they made every stone so we can’t be too disappointed."

Looking forward he added: “Tomorrow is very important. It will be our ever last game together as a team and it would be great to finish off with a win."

The Swiss men go back in against Canada in Sunday morning's gold medal final, while Sweden come back to play Scotland for bronze medals at 0930 EET.


Junior Men

Semi-final: Sweden 4, Switzerland 9

Standings after Semi-final games (W-L):

1. Canada (9-1)
1. Switzerland (8-3)
3. Sweden (7-4)
3. Scotland (6-4)
5. United States (4-5)
6. Norway (4-5)
7. Korea (3-6) B
8. Italy (3-6) B
9. Russia (3-6) B
10. Estonia (1-9) B

Junior Women

Semi-final: Scotland 6, Sweden 1

Standings after Semi-final games (W-L):

1. Canada (10-0)
1. Scotland (7-4)
3. Sweden (7-4)
3. Switzerland (6-5)
5. USA (5-5)
6. Korea (6-4)
7. Russia (5-5) B
8. Estonia (2-7) B
9. England (2-7) B
10. Czech Republic (0-9) B

B - Teams now drop into the World Junior-B Curling Championships 2016 event taking place in Lohja, Finland in January 2016. The three medal winning teams from this qualification event will then participate in the World Junior Curling Championships 2016.

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