Junior Women Session 8 Roundup

Canada guarantee their top of the rankings position with a victory over Switzerland Photo © WCF / Richard Gray 2015

Canada, who had already qualified for the Page Play-offs before they came onto the ice for the eighth session of women's round-robin play at the Tondiraba Ice Hall in Tallinn, Estonia, beat Switzerland by 4-3 to not only maintain their unbeaten record but also guarantee that they would top the rankings and go into the Page 1-2 play-off game.

Results elsewhere in this session, with Korea beating Scotland and Sweden defeating USA, mean that these four teams are tied in second place as they go into the final round-robin session - with only three more Page Play-off places available.

Meanwhile, Russia and the USA are tied for the vital sixth place that will guarantee a place in next year's line-up. Below that, the bottom three teams - England, Estonia and the win-less Czech Republic - already know that they will need to pre-qualify for next season's Championship.

The Canada - Switzerland game opened with Canada's defending champion skip Kelsey Rocque choosing to blank the first three ends. Canada then got themselves in front, scoring one point in the fourth end and stealing another point in the fifth end for a 2-0 half-time lead.

Switzerland scored a single point in the sixth end to get themselves onto the scoreboard. Canada scored one point in the eighth end then Switzerland levelled the score at 3-3 with two points in the ninth end. In the tenth end, Rocque made a draw into an open house to score the one point she needed for her 4-3 victory.

Rocque said later: “As a skip, you want a draw to the pin for your last shot in the last end. I just wanted to make sure I had a path to the four-foot. I’ve thrown a lot of pretty tough and nerve-wracking shots - you just try to go down to the other end and try not to think about what you’re throwing and just make the shot."

Scotland faced Korea and it was the Scots who took the early lead, scoring one point in the first end and stealing one more point in the second end, for 2-0. However, their skip Gina Aitken wrecked with her final stone of the third end allowing Korea skip Eun Bi Kim to draw her last stone into the house and score a game-changing four points.

The Scots did manage to level the game at 4-4 when they scored two points in the fifth end but Korea moved ahead again, scoring single points in the next three ends for 7-4, including a steal of one point in the eighth that was only decided after an umpire's measure.

Scotland came back with a single point in the ninth end for 7-5 to Korea and in the tenth end, Kim's first attempted take-out jammed on the way out, but she got it right with her second take-out and although Scotland scored one more point from the end, it was too little, and Korea won by 7-6.

Afterwards, Kim said (through an interpreter): "I feel pleased and I’m more confident that we can get to the play-offs. We will try to do our best for the last game tomorrow so we can make the play-offs."

Sweden took a 5-3 lead into the half-time break of their game with USA, and they were 7-5 up after seven ends. The difference in the game came in the eighth end when USA could only manage one point and Sweden pressed home their advantage with two more points in the ninth end for 9-6.

USA ran out of stones in the tenth end, and this gave Sweden the fifth win that sets up what will be a gripping last round-robin session.

After her crucial win, Sweden skip Isabella Wranaa said: “It feels good, we really deserved this win. We played good throughout the game and after a very tight loss yesterday it felt great to get this win. Tomorrow we will give everything there is to give in order to reach the playoffs.”

As they have every time they've come onto the ice, the Czech Republic team fought hard, but eventually lost again, this time to Russia.

In the ninth end, Russia's fourth player Uliana Vasilyeva drew her final stone into the house to score two points for a 10-6 lead then the Czech Republic were simply run out of stones in the tenth end.

England, who have been making their debut at this level, have also fought hard in every game, but they too were beaten in this session, this time by hosts Estonia.

In the tenth end of this game, Estonia's skip Marie Turmann had a complete miss with her attempted take-out with her first stone but this merely postponed the result as she made the takeout with her second attempt to claim what was Estonia's second win of the week, at 7-5.

A pleased Estonia skip Turmann said: "I feel good because we won and we wanted to beat England."


Session 8: Sweden 9, USA 6; Scotland 6, Korea 7; Estonia 7, England 5; Switzerland 3, Canada 4; Russia 10, Czech Republic 6.

Standings after 8 sessions of play (W-L):

1. Canada (8-0) Q
2. Korea (5-3)
2. Scotland (5-3)
2. Switzerland (5-3)
2. Sweden (5-3)
6. Russia (4-4)
6. USA (4-4)
8. England (2-6)
8. Estonia (2-6)
10. Czech Republic (0-8)

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