Junior Women Session 4 Roundup

Scotland remain one of the two undefeated teams in the women's competition Photo © WCF / Patrick Fulgencio 2015

With an 8-2 win over the USA in Monday evening's fourth session of round-robin play at the Tondiraba Ice Hall in Tallinn, Estonia, Scotland maintained their unbeaten record at the top of the rankings, while Canada's defending champion skip Kelsey Rocque also stayed unbeaten, with her team defeating Sweden by 4-2.

The Scots had a single-point steal in the first end - the first of four single point steals they were to achieve throughout the game - but the break came in the fifth end when Scottish skip Gina Aitken drew her last stone through a narrow gap in the house to join two other Scottish stones already there to score three points and take a 5-2 half-time lead.

Single steals for Scotland in each of the next three ends gave them a score of 8-2 and persuaded USA to conceded the game early.

After the game, Scottish skip Aitken said: “Our last two games have been particularly tough but we’ve just managed to keep the pressure on and keep going."

The Canada - Sweden game was a low-scoring affair that featured four blank ends.

Canada eventually got the breakthrough, scoring two points in the ninth end for a 4-2 lead and when Rocque hit out the only Swedish stone in the house with her last stone of the tenth end, Sweden could not win and conceded defeat.

Afterwards, Canada's Rocque said: “They’re a really good young team and we knew going into it that it would be right down to the bitter end so we’re happy to come away with a close win like that."

In other games, England scored their second win of the week by beating the Czech Republic 6-5.

The lead changed hands several times in this game, but England had the lead when it mattered, they were 3-2 up at the half-way break and scored two points in the tenth end to seal their win. This result means that the Czech Republic are still looking for their first win of the week.

After her win, England's skip Hetty Garnier said: “We’re really happy to come away with a win. It was a really tight game that you felt could go either way so it feels really good."

In another tight game, Russia faced Switzerland. After blanking the first end, Russia scored one point in the second end to take the early lead.

Switzerland responded with a score of two points in the fourth end and built their lead to 3-1 with a single point steal in the sixth end.

A Russian fight-back saw them level the score at 4-4 in the ninth end, but Switzerland's fourth player Briar Huerlimann drew her last stone of the tenth end into the house to score one point and win the game by 5-4.

The fifth game of the session saw Korea beat hosts Estonia by 7-4.

The Korean break-through came in the fifth end when they scored three points for a 4-1 lead. Estonia responded with a score of two points in the sixth end, but Korea, with a score of another two points in the tenth end held on for their win.


Session 4: Estonia 4, Korea 7; USA 2, Scotland 8; England 6, Czech Republic 5; Russia 4, Switzerland 5; Sweden 2, Canada 4.

Standings after 4 sessions of play (W-L):

1. Canada (4-0)
1. Scotland (4-0)
3. Switzerland (3-1)
4. England (2-2)
4. Korea (2-2)
4. Sweden (2-2)
7. Estonia (1-3)
7. Russia (1-3)
7. USA (1-3)
10. Czech Republic (0-4)

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