Junior Women Session 3 Roundup

Estonia recorded their first win at the World Junior Curling Championships 2015 Photo © WCF / Richard Gray

There were no Monday morning blues for host Estonia or the USA as they both recorded their first wins so far in the third session of women's round-robin play at the Tondiraba Ice Hall in Tallinn, Estonia.

Estonia faced the Czech Republic and took a 2-1 lead when they scored two points in the fourth end. They then stole a single point in the fifth end to move further ahead and, later, a steal of two points in the eighth end gave them a 6-2 lead.

Single point scores by the Czechs in the ninth and tenth ends were not enough and Estonia had a historic first win - by 6-4 - at this level.

After the game a delighted skip Marie Turmann said: "It feels good to represent Estonia and to win a game because it’s the first time by a girls' team. We feel under a bit of pressure because lots of people are watching us and the media are talking about us, but I think that it’s good to play at home.

She continued: "We were under pressure against Sweden yesterday but it was a bit easier today because we won against the Czechs two weeks ago and felt we had to win again."

The USA faced Korea and were aggressive from the start, stealing one point in the first end then scoring three points in the third for an early 4-1 lead. They went on to steal single points in both the fourth and fifth ends to take a 6-1 lead into the half-time break.

Korea responded with a single point in the sixth end but a USA score of four points in the seventh end for a 10-2 lead put the game beyond doubt and Korea conceded after scoring two points in the eighth end, with a final score of 10-4.

After the game, Cory Christensen, USA skip, said: “We really needed that. We were really sharp the whole game - that was missing in our last two games."

USA third player Sarah Anderson added: “This means good momentum for us. We’re looking forward to the next game."

Defending world champion skip, Canada's Kelsey Rocque, and her new team continued their winning ways with a 10-3 victory over Russia.

The Canadians had three big scores - three points in the third end, two in the fifth end and finally a steal of four points in the eighth end, after which Russia conceded, to seal their 10-3 result.

This result preserves Canada's unbeaten record and a 10-5 win over Sweden means that Scotland stay with them at the top of the rankings.

Scotland started with a score of three points in the first end to give them a lead that they never lost. Eventually they closed out their victory with three points in the ninth end.

After this third win, Gina Aitken, Scottish skip said: “It feels pretty good, a third of the way through and it’s nice to be 3-0. That’s a good Sweden team but we came out firing. We just knew we had to come out playing our best."

The fifth game of the session produced a 7-5 win for Switzerland over England.

The teams swapped scores of two points in the first two ends and then, after two blank ends, England scored one point in the fifth end for a 3-2 half-time lead.

In the second half, Switzerland scored two points in the sixth end then had single-point steals in the seventh, eighth and tenth ends to complete their win.


Session 3: Russia 3, Canada 10; Switzerland 7, England 5; Sweden 5, Scotland 10; USA 10, Korea 4; Czech Republic 4, Estonia 6.

Standings after 3 sessions of play (W-L):

1. Canada (3-0)
1. Scotland (3-0)
3. Switzerland (2-1)
3. Sweden (2-1)
5. England (1-2)
5. Estonia (1-2)
5. Korea (1-2)
5. Russia (1-2)
5. USA (1-2)
10. Czech Republic (0-3)

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