Junior Men Session 6 Roundup

Team Norway photo: WCF/Richard Gray

Norway - last year's bronze medallists - finally gained their first win of the week in the sixth men's session, with an 8-3 victory over hosts Estonia.

They opened with a single point in the first end and then stole two points in the second end when Estonia's fourth player and skip for this game Sander Rouk's tap-up went wrong. Estonia battled throughout, but eventually a final draw to score one point by Norway's fourth Markus Skogvold in the ninth end was enough to give the Norwegians their first win, by 8-3.

After his team's first win, third player Martin Sesaker said, "it feels fantastic. I’ve been longing for this for a while now especially since some of the games have been very close. We had a good feeling and we had luck on our side for once."

Meanwhile, defending champions Switzerland continued their
unbeaten record with a 7-4 win over Italy to stay at the top of the table. Switzerland opened with a score of two points in the first end, and scored twos in both the fourth and sixth ends to move into a 6-3 lead. Italy got one point closer with a single in the eight end but Switzerland's fourth player Romano Meier drew his last stone of the ninth end into the house to give his team a 7-4 lead. After this Switzerland ran Italy out of stones in the tenth end for their sixth win.

Behind Switzerland, Scotland and Canada now share second place, each with just one loss.

The Scots had a remarkable turnaround in their game against Russia. After two ends they were 3-0 down when Russia's skip Artur Ali played a draw to score two points in the opening end and then followed that up with a steal of one in the second.

However, Scotland bounced back in the third end, scoring four points when their skip Bruce Mouat played a tap-back and stay. The Scots then stole in each of the next three ends - one point in the fourth and two points in each of the fifth and sixth, after which Russia conceded - to win by 9-3.

Afterwards, Mouat said, "even in the first two ends we weren't down in the game. The third end was just a massive turn around. Now we mustn't get too carried away. We've got Canada tomorrow and then Sweden - big games."

The game between Canada and Sweden went all the way to an extra end. In the tenth end, Canadian skip Braden Calvert was too long with his first effort and then had to draw for just one point with his second, taking just one point in the end instead of the two that would have given his team victory. The score was 2-2 as the teams went into the extra end and, after tense play, Sweden's skip Fredrik Nyman just nudged a guard on the way in with the game's last stone, giving Canada a steal of one point and a 3-2 win.

Afterwards, Canadian skip Braden Calvert said, "I tried not to look too much [at Sweden's final shot]. That’s probably a shot he makes nine out of ten times so you expect him to make it and it was a bit of a relief that we pulled this one out. We had to dig deep for this one."

USA faced Korea in this session and the Americans opened the scoring with two points in the second end. Korea recovered to 2-2 when they stole a single point in the sixth end, but eventually their skip Ki Jeong Lee was heavy and through the house with the final stone of the tenth end to give USA a steal of two points from the end and a 5-2 win.

After this win, USA second player Quinn Evenson said, "the loss against the Swiss this morning was tough but winning this is definitely going to up the team. Our spirits are back up.”

Session 6:
Switzerland 7, Italy 4; Russia 3, Scotland 9; Canada 3, Sweden 2 extra end; Norway 8, Estonia 3; Korea 2, USA 5.

Standings after 6 sessions of play (W-L):
1. Switzerland (6-0)
2. Canada (5-1)
2. Scotland (5-1)
4. Sweden (4-2)
5. Russia (3-3)
6. Korea (2-4)
6. USA (2-4)
8. Estonia (1-5)
8. Italy (1-5)
8. Norway (1-5)

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