Junior Men Session 4 Roundup

Defending Champions Switzerland win four in a row to remain unbeaten Photo © WCF / Patrick Fulgencio 2015

Defending champions Switzerland remained the only unbeaten team as they defeated Norway 7-1 in Monday afternoon’s fourth men’s round-robin session at the Tondiraba Ice Hall in Tallinn, Estonia.

Their win was sealed when Norway conceded after Switzerland stole two points in the eighth end. Switzerland had taken an early lead when they scored two points in the second end and stole a further two points in the third end for a 4-0 lead. The result leaves Norway as the only team without a win.

Yannick Schwaller, Switzerland skip, said: “We are happy with our performance, we are proud about that but there is definitely more to come. The ice is good, perfect, always the same. When the ice is the same game after game we can play better and better and better. ”

Korea beat Russia in a tight match for their second win. Russia scored one point in the first and third ends and Korea scored two points in the second end to level the score at 2-2. Both teams made another two-point score to go into the half time break at 4-4.

Single-point scores in the sixth and eighth ends for Korea sandwiched a single point score for Russia to give Korea a 6-5 lead. Russia regained the lead with a two-point score in the ninth end before Korea scored two points in the tenth end to win 8-7.

Canada recorded their third win of the competition by beating Estonia 10-1. Canada scored two points in the first end before stealing single points in the third and fourth ends for a 4-0 lead.

Estonia scored one point in the fifth end before Canada scored another two points in the sixth end. Estonia conceded after the seventh end when Canada stole four points for the 10-1 win.

Braden Calvert, Canada skip, said: “It was a good game to sharpen our skills a little bit and start throwing better rocks than we did the day before.”

In the session’s other matches, Sweden and Scotland also recorded their third wins with victories over Italy and the USA respectively.

Sweden scored two points in the second and fourth ends against the USA before stealing one point in the fifth end to take a 5-2 lead into the half time break. USA scored two points in the sixth end before Sweden scored two points in the seventh end for a 7-4 lead.

Both teams made a further single-point score before, with not enough stones in the house, the USA conceded in the tenth end for an 8-5 loss.

Johannes Patz, Sweden’s second player, said: “Our goal is a medal. I have played in three Junior Worlds but never come home with a medal. We will bring our fighting spirit to the coming games.”

Scotland beat Italy 5-3. They went 3-1 up after following up a two point score in the third end with a single-point steal in the fourth end. Italy then scored one point in the fifth end before Scotland scored a single point in the sixth end for a 4-2 lead. A further point in the ninth end wasn’t enough for Italy as Scotland scored one point in the tenth end to seal the 5-3 victory.

Bruce Mouat, Scotland skip, said: “We have only got one game today so it feels good coming out with a win. We are on 3-1 now, so if we keep on going like that we have good chances of making the playoffs.”

Report by Sports Media Trainee Journalist: Stephen Bark


Session 4: Norway 1, Switzerland 7; Estonia 1, Canada 10; Korea 8, Russia 7; Italy 3, Scotland 5; USA 5, Sweden 8.

Standings after 4 sessions of play (W-L):

1. Switzerland (4-0)
2. Canada (3-1)
2. Scotland (3-1)
2. Sweden (3-1)
5. Korea (2-2)
5. Russia (2-2)
7. Estonia (1-3)
7. Italy (1-3)
7. USA (1-3)
10. Norway (0-4)

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