Canada Women make it to the gold medal game

Canada defeat Scotland to progress to the Gold Medal game Photo © WCF / Richard Gray 2015

Canada beat Scotland by 9-2 in the women's Page 1-2 Play-off game at the Tondiraba Ice Hall in Tallinn Estonia, to take the direct route to the gold medal final, while Sweden overcame Switzerland by 10-4 to proceed to the sole semi-final where they will now play Scotland, with the winner joining Canada in that final.

Switzerland now await the loser of the semi-final between Scotland and Sweden to contest bronze medals.

Canada, skipped by defending world champion Kelsey Rocque, opened the scoring against Scotland, hitting out a Scottish stone in the first end for one point. Scottish skip Gina Aitken then drew her last stone of the second end inside two Canadian stones to take one point and level the score.

Canada made the first breakthrough of the game in the third end when Rocque had a hit and stay to score three points for a clear 4-1 lead. The Scots blanked the fourth end and then Aitken again drew for one point in the fifth end, this time having to get inside three Canadian stones. This gave Canada a 4-2 half-time lead.

Canada's Rocque hit and stayed with her last stone to score one point in the sixth end and then Scotland gave up steals of two points in each of the seventh and eighth ends to finish the game at 9-2 in Canada's favour.

Canada's skip Kelsey Rocque now goes on to play in her second successive world final, and she said: “We just came out firing in this game. We were inspired by our Team Leader Garry's speech before the game. He talked about how proud of us he was for getting this far. There’s always a bit of pressure carrying Canada’s colours and now we’re going home with a medal, so it’s pretty amazing."

She added: “We got fortunate with a couple of uncharacteristic misses by Scotland."

For her part, Scotland's skip Gina Aitken said: “We don’t feel so good after that. We’ll prepare for the semi in the same way we prepare for every game and just keep focused".

In the Page 3-4 Play-off, Sweden faced a Switzerland team that, partly due to injury to regular second player Rahel Thoma, had a re-cast line-up with regular lead player Elena Stern skipping and playing third stones.

Sweden started strongly, scoring two points in the first end. Switzerland took one point from the second end but Sweden stretched the lead to 5-2 with a further three points in the third end.

In the fourth end, Switzerland's fourth player Briar Huerlimann hit out three Swedish stones to score two points and reduce the Swedish lead to 5-3, but in the fifth end Sweden's skip Isabella Wranaa had a hit of her own to score two points and extend her team's lead to 7-3.

In the sixth end, an attempted tap-up by Switzerland's Huerlimann did not work, and Sweden stole two points for 9-3. In the seventh end, Huerlimann's attempt at a double take-out missed its second target stone and Sweden had another steal, this time for one point. Switzerland drew for a consolation single point in the eighth end, and immediately conceded the game, at 10-4 to Sweden.

After the game, Sweden's skip Wranaa said: “It means a lot to get the win. We've worked really hard for this for a couple of years now. Last year we lost in that game so this year we wanted to win even more."

Meanwhile Sweden's lead Fanny Sjoeberg added: “To make it all the way now we have to keep this level and not think too much about what is in it, the important part is just to keep going."

Switzerland's regular skip Lisa Gisler spoke after the game saying: “That was a tough game today. Now we have to focus on our good stones, look forward and forget this play-off game."


Page Playoffs: Scotland 2, Canada 9; Switzerland 4, Sweden 10.

Standings after Page Playoff games (W-L):

1. Canada (10-0)
2. Scotland (6-4)
3. Sweden (7-3)
4. Switzerland (6-5)
5. USA (5-5)
6. Korea (6-4)
7. Russia (5-5) B
8. Estonia (2-7) B
9. England (2-7) B
10. Czech Republic (0-9) B

B - Teams now drop into the World Junior-B Curling Championships 2016 event taking place in Lohja, Finland in January 2016. The three medal winning teams from this qualification event will then participate in the World Junior Curling Championships 2016.

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